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Thread: Google earth 4.3

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    Google earth 4.3

    OK I know Google is going to take over the world and all, and soon we'll refer to them like we do Microsoft, the mentime, I just installed googleEarth 4.3 on my Linux box. I hadn't run 4.3 (which appears to still be beta) yet and just found out they put a freaking flight simulator in it. Yeah you can fly through good earth now.
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    Yup, I just installed in on my work machine. I'm in the process of identifying all of our plants around the world. It is amazing! If Google was a woman, I'd marry it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonirkinshtine View Post
    If Google was a woman, I'd marry it!

    And you'd become very very rich if you did

    I think i might have to try this Google flight simulator

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    also I think this is the d/l link, it will detect your OS and change accordingly:

    The flight simulator is under "Tools" I believe, then "Enter flight simulator." You chose a plane, either an F16 or a 4 passenger prop. Then select your location, either where you are currently or pick an airport to take off.

    It gives you a heads up display with green electronic indicators (no dashboard image though) and you have control over flaps, gears, pitch/yaw, throttle, all the basics and yes it will stall. You can fly with the mouse or keyboard keys.

    Click "Help" when in the simulator there is a link to keyboard shortcuts. It takes a sec to get the hang of it.

    Try flying by the hoover dam, the resolution on the terrain is good and you can fly over the damn on lake meade and dive down into the dam's valley, the terrain in 3D looks pretty cool!
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