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Thread: Discount code - Sills, Pedals, Heel Guards

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    Discount code - Sills, Pedals, Heel Guards

    Here are the coupon codes:

    combo This will get you 20% off when buying any combination of two items
    single This will get you 10% off when buying sills OR pedals OR Heel Guards

    Enter the coupon code when checking out and the discount should be taken off the total.

    We are usually able to get things shipped out between 2-5 business days. We ship UPS ground. The shipping will be added to the order on the website. The shipping cost added is what it costs us, we do not "pad" the shipping price.

    There have been several mentions of a group buy. In the past I have had a hard time keeping up with them. Instead, here is what I propose. I will add a discount coupon for purchasing the door sills or the pedals for 10% off. I will also add a discount coupon for the combo for 20% off.

    Just to clarify, the door sills are $195 for the set of 8 and the pedals are $59, plus options. Also, just so it is known, this is pretty much the same price they were 4 years ago. Aluminum and other materials have gone up approximately 30%, maybe more, in this time, so the price starting out is a fair price.

    So, if you want just the door sills it will be 10% off, or $175.50. If you want just the pedals it will be $53.10 plus options. If you want the combo it will be $203.20 plus pedal options.

    Let me know what you think. I haven't yet set this up on the website, but I will in the next day or two depending on feedback. Also, if you have ordered in the past day or two since I've been on, I will refund the difference.
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    I am interested,
    what are the "options" that you mention?
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    I would be interested

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    The options I mention are the pedal options. There are 5 different surface finishes we machine on the pedals. The standard is the Machined finish. The Satin finish is $10 extra. The Cleat, Block, and Grid finishes are $50 extra due to being machined out of thicker aluminum, which also results in much longer machining time. I am going to start a thread about the pedals soon. If you are curious about the pedals and want to check them out before I post it here, there is plenty of info on our website. Look for the buttons on the right side of the page. There is a "surface finish" button, and a "pedal grip test" button.

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    Count me in!
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    I'm in for a set of door sills...

    Let us know when your ready for the orders...


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    I'm in for a set of door sills as well, PM me when you are taking orders.

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    I'm in, tell me when.

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    Count me in!!
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    Yep Im in for both.

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    I'm in for the combo. PM me for order info.
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    Im in 4 both

    2004 Silver Birch

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    I'd be in for the pedals, I could've sworn I saw them displayed with "MARAUDER" engraved on them too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by takedown View Post
    I'd be in for the pedals, I could've sworn I saw them displayed with "MARAUDER" engraved on them too!
    Like these?

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    is there any chance i could get a set of door sills that say( Crownvic) instead?

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