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Thread: Discount code - Sills, Pedals, Heel Guards

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    hey Pat, i like your floor mats.

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    Talking Thanks again for making these for us

    I got mine back this weekend from the guy who did the lettering on them for me and then did 4 layers of clear coat on them and now they are on the Marauder. I am posting the before and after look of the sill plates.

    Here are the pictures as promissed.

    Marauder door sill plates with flash.jpg

    Marauder door sill plates without flash.jpg

    2010_05_3005_14_38EOS REBEL T1i0682.jpg

    2010_05_3005_14_32EOS REBEL T1i0681.jpg

    2010_06_0101_49_05EOS REBEL T1i0685.JPG

    2010_06_0101_48_51EOS REBEL T1i0684.jpg

    2010_06_0101_49_39EOS REBEL T1i0688.jpg


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    Ooo! Shiny!

    I love my pedals btw. Can't wait for the sill guards.
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    where on the SRP web site is the door sill so i can place an order that i want? i see the door padels but i didnt see for the door sill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercuryed View Post
    where on the SRP web site is the door sill so i can place an order that i want? i see the door padels but i didnt see for the door sill.
    You can't get them from SRP any more. They got a cease & desist letter from Ford around the time Ford announced that they were discontinuing the Mercury brand.

    I can get them for you. Check the Marauder Innovations forum.
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    FBM, you should have sent a PM to mercuryed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeoVampire View Post
    Thanks for still doing the discount for us it is apreciated!

    Money is always tight when your retired so any discount is great to say the least.

    Welcome to the Retire's Club [ I understand well ! ] mine came in the mail / DISCOUNT appreciated Also
    Roger that

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