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    Trans cooler

    Just got a B&M supercooler #70274 and was just wondering if this is a good choice for my MM install, or is it overkill?
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    I dont think that is overkill hey the bigger the better may take more fluid though!!

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    That's the one I have on mine - works like a champ!
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    Thumbs up "Long" Trans Cooler

    The net search is a wonderful tool. I had the largest B&M trans cooler and it is not very good if you are looking for real trans cooler performance particularly if you live in the South. The Long trans cooler is hands-down the largest and best cooler and reasonable cost. My Long trans cooler runs 20 degrees cooler then the B&M. In fact I honestly believe it even helps to cool the engine. Why, because my oil temp is now also lower.

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