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Thread: Used 4R70W modding ?

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    Used 4R70W modding ?

    Thats for your guys help with helping find what was wrong with my GT 4R70W , so I found a 01 4R70W 30,000 , paid 400 for it , I opened it up tonight and it still has the yellow plug , so Im the first one to crack it open , I cleaned it up , removed the Valve Body , and 1-2 / 2-3 springs , when I get the blown trans out of my mustang I will swap out my drilled S/plate .

    My ? is should I do anything to my new/used 4R70W , before I install it next week , maybe new accumulators or open her up replace something that does not need special tools to do ?
    And is the 2001 converter stall different then the 2004 ?

    Thanks for helping out a Mustang guy , as this site is the best for 4R70W info , the Auto Mustang is kind of like the black sheep on most Mustang forums , so not much info can be found out about the 4R70W !
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    Quote Originally Posted by ran260gt View Post
    Thanks for helping out a Mustang guy , as this site is the best for 4R70W info , the Auto Mustang is kind of like the black sheep on most Mustang forums , so not much info can be found out about the 4R70W !
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    I'm no expert, but I'd change out the OD shaft/stub. Weak point in the tranny. There are numerous threads here on it. The MM seems to respond well to a higher stall TC, Ford actually went higher with the 04 vs what came in the 03. I believe there is a NIB 3000 stall TC in the classifieds here for cheap.
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    Not too sure what stall you have now, but these heavier MM demand a 2600-2800 minimum stall upwards to 3500 if s/ced. I would have to think 2800 would be more than enough in a lighter weight mustang if used for a driver/play car. I see you are running 4.10's, those matched with a 2800 stall plus good drag radials i would think would put you closer to the low 1.8's on your sixty. Wait till more advice rolls in as i'm NOT a stall pro. Also make sure and list anything else done to your car if not in your sig, dyno #'s, etc.

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