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Thread: Spaz intake part deux...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockafella View Post
    This is horrible to say but,...Did he die? I mean he vanished overnite and nobody has heard from him.
    I think he went into hiding. He would have a huge backlash if he popped up again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by guspech750 View Post
    and while becoming a hardcore software engineer, hes also working on his SAE Automotive Certification program.
    OMG! Software engineers SUCK at hardware problems...
    THAT explains a LOT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RacerX View Post
    OMG! Software engineers SUCK at hardware problems...
    THAT explains a LOT!
    LMAO at this one. It is absolutely true in my experience, never put a wrench in someones hands who punches a keyboard for a living.
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