Finall after how many years??? l addressed the constant running fan. It dawned on me a few days ago the trans temp sensor might be the culprit. Sure enough trans connector pin 15 (trans temp 5V input) was obviously feeding back zero through pin 16 (signal return) to the PCM considering I donít have a temp sensor. Well this was triggering the fan thinking the trans was running hot.

I first tried to just connect the two but the signal would go from 4.6 to 0 immediately and trigger the fan. Apparently the PCM doesnít care for having its own signal being thrown back in its face. Iím not sure what the threshold is but lower the number equals the hotter the temps. Not having any resistors on hand I opted for a 3mm pre wired LED to bridge the two and it worked! That brought me right at 3.0 Now Iíve got a tiny blue LED glowing under the master cylinder and quiet car again. At least until I get around to ordering a 10K resistor. Hopefully within a couple of years?

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