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Thread: X-Pipe and Pipe 2.5 for my car 2007 Crown Victoria

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    X-Pipe and Pipe 2.5 for my car 2007 Crown Victoria

    X-Pipe and Pipe 2.5
    When the Kingdom of Bahrain
    Exhaust Gulf

    Value of 750 SR

    Duration 6 hours

    The pictures for my car 2007 Crown Victoria

    I leave you with pictures

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    Video shows the acceleration of the car line, 120 and obviously does not have any problems and the car is stronger than the first

    sct xpipe 2.5 speed 0 - 100 km Time 7.42

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    I'm sorry for the smuggling of oil outside Transmisson but I have no problem replacing already now

    Will speak on the subject of a separate big problem that I had in my car

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    Look nice, i see you removed the cat's, careful with that much speed

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    thank you bawazir

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