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    Marauder Headers

    As many know, I am a Kooks dealer and I average probably four sales a month, for Marauders and CV, Kooks recently late last year relocated to NC and they are doing well but as many of us are a bit behind on some orders right now, there on back order for the X pipe with high flow X pipe they are doing the best they can, I am going to try and stock 1 set of each car here, since it does appear that things are picking up, but they are just like many company's, they are building per order on some cars that are slower sellers than for example the Z28 or GT Mustangs. But there product is worth the wait.

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    Dennis with my exhaust; was there ever an x pipe installed? Since we are waiting on the brakes would it arrive at the same time; I really dont need the car until May. Allen

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