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Thread: SCT Dash Scan

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    SCT Dash Scan

    I'm really considering this product. It can show 4 things at a time, datalig, pull dtc codes, and has a g-load meter built in that can do 1/4mile est.
    You gotta put in the vehicles weight with the driver so it's not like other g-loads on the market, it should be more accurate.

    The real benefit is the cost. It's cheaper than the scanguage and does alot more. I would probably want a blendmount to install it under the rear view mirror. I wonder if its backlit for night driving?

    What do you think?

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    Its a bit too big for me to wanna mount it on the dash. Good product and the price is right.


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    I like my scan gauge, its nice, small and works well.

    To me that would be too big to put under the rear view mirror, I could see maybe on the dash so it doesn't block anything.

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    Look way too big to mount anywhere.....

    Mount a Scangauge like this:

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    I have the aeroforce and love it, even tho is much more money is worthed.
    I agree with fbm, looks too big to mount anywhere.

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    I wanted to follow up on this thread.

    The first thing I want to addresse is "THIS IS NOT A GUAGE" I think most of the response to this thread did'nt consider that. I am not looking for a guage, I'm a tech guy and I want more information than a guage is capable of delivering.

    This BIG ole thing has been the best tool to come along for me in a long time. You see, I LOVE to datalog but carring a laptop around invites a breakin and I found the cables and my nice laptop sliding around everywhere did not make me happy. The Dashscan fixes this issue for me and heres why.

    This thing datalogs 8 PIDs and will play them back anytime, ignition on/off. This will make it EASY to datalog for all the guys that cant figure it out using their Xcal2~3 units.

    I no longer have to worry about a breakin with my laptop sitting in the car, its also a performance meter that also calculates G-Load, 1/4mi ETs, HP/TQ, and everything in between. The best part about it is it comes with all the stuff to trick it out. There is an extra cable that plugs in and supports another 2 external +5vdc sensors, it aslo has a built in thermal loop for IAT/EGT/AFR metering which is a total of 4 external sensors.

    For $69.00 shipped what else on the market can do what it does for the same money?
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    You could mount it the way I have my Sirius radio mounted. It's just a piece of brushed stainless bent to catch around the trim. I have some felt on the back to keep it from scratching and used 3M tape to mount it.

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