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Thread: Traction Control Disable

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    I take it the 03s are the only ones without TC...
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    Isn't there some late '03's that got some 2004 goodies/upgrades?
    Hybrids that got built with whatever was on the shelf?
    You know , the ones that came without the special porus ferrious axles and the unique "lights Out" headlamp display?
    Quote Originally Posted by daddyusmaximus View Post
    I take it the 03s are the only ones without TC...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastblackmerc View Post
    Good Luck..... I'll continue to push the button... eventhough I have the correct tires installed.

    It's My favorite button to push!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddyusmaximus View Post
    I take it the 03s are the only ones without TC...

    Only the early 2003 MMs came without Traction Control. They are known as the '03 300A models. Sometime in the October 2002 timeframe, TC and some other differences were introduced into the production line. Those later cars are the '03 300B models. Those 2003 MMs do have TC. So do all of the 2004 MMs. Check out the "300A vs. 300B" thread (sticky) in the Community Forum for the other differences.
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    Just did this on my 04. Works like a charm.
    You "feel" the difference because you want to "feel" the difference. Since you just spent money on the upgrade you "have" to feel the difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazen71 View Post
    Just did this on my 04. Works like a charm.

    Almost forgot I had posted the schematic for this. Mine is still in place and working too.
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