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Thread: KY/IN car show & car cruise schedule.

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    Exclamation KY/IN car show & car cruise schedule.

    This is the website I always reference for the most up to date car shows and crusies:

    This should be a "sticky" at the top.

    1. Black Sunshine (2003A F.I.T #3) (SOLD!)
    2. 2004 SAP P71 (Gone)
    3. The 2001 P71 (Flying Snow). (Sold)
    4. The 1998 P71 Jinbei. (Sold)
    5. 1990 5.7L IROC-Z (Sold)

    Keeping a black car clean is not a hobby. It's a part-time job.

    Support the troops.

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    I wish I had taken my camera to Beatersville this past weekend. There was an old Ford wagon that had the interior and powertrain from a Marauder swapped in. It looked like it belonged...

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