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Thread: Attention all MVX attendees!

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    Attention all MVX attendees!

    I want to thank everyone who attended MVX for the wonderful time I had. You all are amazing and special people. What a wonderful group.

    Being my 1st function & meeting any other members, I did not know what to expect. After just some anonymous keyboard posts, meeting face to face for the 1st time I was astounded at how warm and welcoming you all were. This was a special time for me as I have been working 16-hour days 6 & 7 days a week since 2004 this was the 1st time off Iíve taken (1st vacation since 1992). It took 3 days before I started to relax and it felt great.

    I had a great time, enjoyed a bunch of great functions and met a lot of special & wonderful people.

    Special thanks to Rex (SC Cheesehead) & Terri for crossing the Lake with me on the SS Badger & their company for dinner at Phoenix Cafť.

    Special thanks to Pops, John (TMF) and Jerry Barnes for sharing breakfast table & conversation at Captain Nemoís Saturday morning.

    Thank you to everyone for the fun, conversations & camaraderie.

    Iím hooked; Iíll see you next year!

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    Yes sir that's what it all about! Been ten year of maraudervilles for me only missing 2, Fl.& St.Louis.

    Things change when you can put a face to the screen name.

    I am blessed for knowing so many wonderfull people
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    Getting together with these great people never gets old. I've been to MV9 & 10, 3 Louisville and many Chitown gatherings. Always a great time.

    Too bad MV 10 is over

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    Thank you's to all who allowed me to ride with them while the car was down this weekend. I had a blast! The support crew did a wonderful job making me feel like their backyard was mine.

    A very special thank you to Steve and Jerry for once again making it to our event. We really do appreciate hearing the stories and signing our cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdogjim View Post
    Yes sir that's what it all about! Been ten year of maraudervilles for me only missing 2, Fl.& St.Louis.

    Things change when you can put a face to the screen name.

    I am blessed for knowing so many wonderfull people

    What Jim said ^^^^^ !!!!! This was our 5th Marauderville. Each one you get to meet new people you didn't know from the last one.

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    We had a great time hanging out with you, Bill, and look forward to doing many more events with you in the future.

    Start planning now for Louisvillle!

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    MV 11 ?

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    At the gathering Saturday night it was mentioned that was taking bid applications for the next Marauderville. I believe the bids need to be in sometime around Dec. 15 ? but I am sure Mary will post something on the site letting everyone know the exact date.

    Also kudos to the person that won the 50/50 (dont remember exactly who) as they donated the money back to the site!


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    Glad that you were able to make it to Marauderville X (MV10). Was nice to finally meet you and hang out together at the events. It was a real blast and alot of memories for the scrapbook. Looking forward to MV X! (MV11) .... where ever it is !!!
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