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You might just need to set something up yourself and see what happens. It's not hard to set something up at a restaurant. You just need to let the manager know if it's a small place.

We do Fuddruckers in NJ because the food is halfway decent and there is a lot of seating and parking. I don't call ahead or anything. I do though set the meet for just after the lunch rush but I don't think high noon would be a particular problem.

It's a good idea to pick a place that is convenient for as many people as possible so a central local is optimal. If you can try the food first if it's not a chain restaurant and make sure there is plenty of parking away from where the masses park.

Make sure you give plenty of notice and if there are other forums in your area invite them as well. We usually get some of the CVN and UPOA crowd and all are welcome.

The North Texas Marauders did this a few years back at a Restaurant in Dallas (our home base), 'Two Rows' I believe was the name of the place. We had about 15 marauder's show up for the brunch and parking lot GTG.

Centerville, a small town in the middle of Texas was another venue that enjoyed a large gathering of Marauders. These are examples of one day affairs, little cost but lots of fun. In centerville we would meet at a famous BBQ place, eat and then cruise to a nearby state park for photo op and family fun.

Advertise on the MCM and .NET sites plus the Chicago Garage web site and ramrod this yourself. A Sunday works best because many still work on Saturday. Allow some lead time and beat the drums.

I'm talking aboujt a one day affair, meal, a short cruise to a park for social, keeps "Da Law" happpy.

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