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    I am also saddened to hear of Sgt. Mac passing. I followed him on this site as I am member 393 in Nov. of '02, and Mac was very helpful to us all back in those early days. He would be our 'Mule" so to speak and try just about anything and let us all know yeah that's a good idea or not by posting all the details for us to make our own decision. We all have a moment where he played an important part of our Marauder world. Mine was when after my major wreck in my MM after only 2k miles in '03, Mac help me with providing a personal letter to the "whomever it concerns" person, of what the true values of our car is was and will be when I needed some great input to reclaim its value from the company who hit me. He was very instrumental in so many things --Its no wonder he had so many friends and followers throughout his life time.

    AT first when we all were at the beginning of this forum it was like some folks here were celebrities and he for sure was one ( mine). Everywhere he went he had followers shadowing him like crazy --cause when i met him finally in person in Alt. Ga meet back in '03 I had to get his autograft--I was like a little kid and finally met my celebrity I looked up to him . The funny part--we all were grown men!!!

    The best part of having made friends and meeting individuals like him and so many others in our lives, the memories of those times will always be with us whenever we want to dial them up...

    RIP great man--Sgt. Mac.
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    In Memoriam....11-14-13
    He loved this site so MUCH! and the Members More!!

    Rex Weinbender (SC Cheesehead)

    One of the best friend a person could have

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    At the first marauderville, at the bbq place we all went to, Mac asked why a young kid like me would want a marauder. I can still remember that like it was yesterday.
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    My two fondest memories:

    Mac in the drivers seat of my car “WOW that clutch is STIFF”

    Me looking over “Umm that would be the brake”

    Five minutes later blasting past Dominic waiting for a light like a ballistic missile at 115 in Louisville Mexico.

    Me in the drivers seat of his track Shelby putting it thru it’s paces in a parking lot full islands. “This handles NICE!”

    Mac yawning “well if you’re gonna just *****foot it I’ll go ahead and take my nap now”

    10 seconds later drifting that lil pony car so good Ken Block would have taken a bow.

    Some rubbin and joking but always a great time.

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    RIP....Sgt Mac
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    Sorry to hear this. RIP Mac
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    Rest in Peace Mac.

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    His Marauders and Shelbys were his pride and joy, and, more importantly, the friends he made along the way. We are honoured to have our very own NAVCHAP - Rev. Keith Shuley CDR USN - concelebrate Mac’s funeral Mass on Friday. St Michael the Archangel has SergntMac at his side. God Bless!

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    I am so sorry to hear of Mac's passing. He was a great light in the early years of the Mercury Marauder world, and that light never dimmed, but grew brighter as his interests expanded into Shelbys and road course racing. I know his later years were difficult, and I always hoped he found a way to feel and experience his passions. He brought knowledge, fun and more of that passion into the lives of those he knew, and he challenged me in many ways where both of us grew. He taught me and I taught him, and I'm grateful for the experiences. The memory of those experiences lives on with all of us here.

    Mac drove me to Kenny Brown's facility in Indianapolis to pick up my MM in 2003. We took pictures of his KB-MM #01X and my KB MM #10 in front of the facility. The other picture is from registration at Marauderville #1 in Ennis, Texas. Mac&Me.jpgRegistration@Marauderville 1.jpg
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    I am a better person for knowing Mac. All of the spirited debates were awesome and enlightening. We always managed to walk away friends. I too was there at Marauderville 1 and you just know when you meet someone for the first time that you will enjoy their company. Mac was one of those people. Whether it was at one of the infamous "Chicken Runs" where you got to ride in someone else's boosted Marauder, or shared your own, Mac was there. Then there was the mad dash from Chicago over to Cruztaker's party with 5 of us doing 100+ on the interstate with Mac leading the charge. "Stay tight and don't stand out" was the instruction. Haha!

    Good times!

    RIP MAc

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    Sad to hear. Farewell Mac.
    Thanks to Darrin @ BC Automotive:
    $1800 and it was worse than when he started!

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    Very sad news indeed. RIP Mac. I enjoyed our brief but numerous chats at various gatherings.

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    Super sad to hear of Mac's passing. the few times I chatted with him at various events he had a great dry sense of humor but was affable in a cantankerous sort of way. Our age difference is only about 30 years, but he was a fantastic conversationalist and I enjoyed every second with him learning about his Marauders and Shelbys. He was the best of us and he will not be forgotten
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