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Thread: 2003 Marauder for sale- under 17,000 miles

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    2003 Marauder for sale- under 17,000 miles

    What I have is a 2003 Maruader built in November 2002. At the moment there is 16,663 miles on it. I am asking $19,900. , OBO. I Bought the car brand new from a mom and pop Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Los Angeles in January of 2003. Have babied it ever since. A new job with a stop and go commute means I need to get a car that I don't care about so much. This car does not deserve an LA freeway at rush hour! As soon as I bought it, I purchased a full Marauder wheel and tire to be the spare. I also got the spoiler, cd changer, and trunk organizer. I still have the un-opened DVD they sent with the car. I may consider letting go of the Marauder leather jacket-with the box! The original tires are still on the car. Everything is as new except for the damn radio which loses reception sporadically- but the cd player (dash and trunk mount) work great. The car has been garaged since new up until last week when I sold my house. It is now covered, but should have a home where it's garaged. It's what it's used to. The only 'mod' on the car is I had the back door and rear windows tinted, otherwise It's fully stock. The only mechanical repair I have had to make on the car is a new fuel pump. The seals dried out when it sat too long. That's it. It may seem like I am asking a lot for the car, but it is killing me to sell it! I have another car and a truck, and need to get a fuel sipping car yet. That kills me too. Let me know what you guys think. Be kind.
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    Is your 2003 Marauder still available?

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