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    New Owner

    Hi Just want to stop by and introduce myself. I am a Retired Marine and aerospace engineer. I live in Fontana CA.

    I bought a 2003 Marauder Black with dark grey interior. No sunroof, 6 disk cd, clock in the radio, traction control no map pockets in the seats, and non heated seats. It was built 01/03. The Vin # is 2MEHM75V03X66890. The stock wheels were replaced with 19” wheels all around with spacers out back. He also deleted the air bags and cut the front springs cause he liked the look. The ride was very rough to say the least. The overhead compass did not work. It needed a right rear anti skid sender so the anti skid and traction control did not work. I figure it has 410 gears cause it is pretty quick and the speedometer is off about 10 miles per hour. No engine mods accept for a K&N air filter. The exhaust appears to have the rear cats deleted and an H pipe added. The mufflers appear stock.

    I have fixed the compass using the instructions on this sight. Had the anti skid sender replaced. The anti skid and traction control now work. I found a set of stock wheels had them painted gloss black. I installed FALKEN 235/50R/18 tires on the front with Yokamaka 255/55R/18 in the rear.

    The air bags and solenoids have been reinstalled and the front springs replaced with the MOOG 80668 springs all found on ebay. I replaced the head and corned lights again the lights came from ebay.
    I think the front springs are a little higher than stock. The ride is much improved. If you can tell, from the photo attached to this post, let me know if you feel the front is a little higher that stock.

    I found an OBD2 Bluetooth reader that sends real time information to my Samsung Note 2. I can also read and reset the codes. I think everyone should have one of these. Again ebay has the reader and the (torque) app for the phone is free. A pro version of the app will let U get ¼ mile times. Helpful if you are doing mods and you want an accurate readout of the results. If you order a reader be sure it is intended for your phone. You can also have the info sent to a computer.
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    Just realized the photo is before I installed the new front springs. Ill take one tomorrow and post for your opinions.

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    Loving the Blk on Blk. Clean ride !

    Far as real time info I have a scangauge 2 and it's the best $$ I've spend on keeping track of real time numbers. It does everything

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    Welcome to the bar!!!

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    Welcome to the circus. Where the clowns are not too scary.

    Nice rims. And enjoy it!

    Now it's time for some BOOST

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    Eat poo poo and die heathen.

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    Welcome to the site.
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    Love the black on black as well. Do you have a picture when you had the aftermarket 19" wheels?
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    and on your new to you MM.

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    Photo with new front springs

    Here is a photo of the car with the new springs. The tire is 2" from the bottom of the wheel well lip. The distance from the ground to the bottom of the door Jam is 11 1/2".
    I do not have a photo of the car with the wheels that came with it.

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    Semper Fi

    Your Marauder looks the black wheels!

    Gotta Love It!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flbatfish View Post
    It was built 01/03. The Vin # is 2MEHM75V03X66890.

    I installed FALKEN 235/50R/18 tires on the front with Yokamaka 255/55R/18 in the rear.
    Welcome to the MM.Net

    You are missing a digit in your VIN's last 6. I suspect that yours is an early January 2003 build in the first week of January.

    You can get the exact date and the build certificate here >>>>

    Or go to the Ford Showparts site to order the certificate >>>>>>

    Be careful with the Falkens. Some here have not had good experience with them .... especially with the Falken Ziex S/TZ04 model. Handling issues due to inadequate sidewall stiffness.
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