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Thread: West coast and Maple leaf marauders proudly presents

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    West coast and Maple leaf marauders proudly presents

    Party at penthouse suite 2563 hosted by Grant.

    We formally invite all of on behalf of Grant, as his Ipad kept crashing on me while trying to make this post, to join us at Southpoint hotel, suite 2536 at 7:30PM. We have babes, booze and tons of cars.

    Grant: Jerry and Zack that means you.

    We love Grants bar!
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    I see no babes and why does it smell like either in he.......................

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    Thanks again for a great time bro!
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    Weres the nite life

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    Strict policy in Vegas... No pictures of the girls. He took these before anyone arrived.

    Wish we had the after photos to share... As it looked the opening scenes of the groundbreaking 1st movie "the Hangover". No tiger though, onlu a cougar or two.


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