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Thread: MARAUDERVILLE 2016!!

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    It's Time!!! Marauderville 2016 !!!

    The time to plan Marauderville 2016 is upon us!! Here are the criteria and timeframe for proposals. MM.Net Administration will review the proposals, which must be submitted by February 1, 2016. Look for an announcement in Late February 2016 for MV2016!! (email address below)

    Criteria for Marauderville 2016

    • Hotel must be affordable. Someone MUST make an on-site visit to determine available facilities.
    • Amenities: King and Two Queen rooms; High Speed Internet (preferably at no extra charge); dining room, banquet facility, bar all on-site or within close proximity; pool preferred.
    • The hotel must be able to offer a block of no less than 50 rooms and have ample parking. Security is a high priority.

    • or 1/8 mile drag strip, Road course or oval track within a reasonable distance and the cost of use. Test and Tune is an affordable option. Not a requirement but the Members do enjoy the opportunity.
    • Things to see and do: plant/factory tours, museums, breweries, local culture, Cruises, anything automotive and/or transportation related a plus.
    • Car Show with awards
    • Maraudervilles have traditionally been a Thursday through Sunday event, though other days to fit a specific scheduled event would be fine. Early Fall would be ideal, although other times will be considered depending on circumstances such as events we can piggyback on.
    • Consider the distances needed to travel in between itinerary locations as well as traffic and turns.
    • Down time and time to socialize are important so there's no need to fill every minute of the day.

    Responsibilities of Planning Team

    • Communication and follow-through are the most important tasks for the Team. MM.Net will provide a closed forum for the Planning Team so all communications and tracking are in once place.
    • Site visits to potential hotels and all proposed venues.
    • Contact and pricing for awards. If you have no one local, we can provide info from prior vendors that served us well.
    • T-shirt design: We had a great experience with MartyO's shirt vendor last year, including drawing the design and printing the shirts. The Planning Team should come up with a design/logo concept that the graphic artist can create.
    • Contact Supporting Vendors and local area businesses and Chamber of Commerce for support of MV2016.
    • Manage as a team any fundraising opportunities to help reduce the cost of Registration for Attendees.
    Please include projected costs for any itinerary options such as admissions, fees, rentals, meals, catering, insurance, etc. It is OK to suggest "meal on your own."

    Use 100 people as a guideline for costs.

    Relate why you feel Marauderville 2016 should be at your location. What makes it “special & unique”?

    Any members of previous planning teams would be more than happy to share their experiences. MM.Net pays all the bills and if you must front money, you will be reimbursed with receipts. MM.Net manages the Eventbrite and PayPal functions.

    Please submit your proposal to MM.Net@MercuryMarauder.Net by February 1, 2016. Follow-up on the proposal may be needed, so please include names, email addresses and phone numbers of Members involved in the proposal.

    The most important part of planning and execution is a dedicated group of people - doesn't need to be many - that can follow through with all aspects of the event. Also, not everyone on the Planning Team needs to live in the proposed Host Site.

    If you have any questions, please email MM.Net@MercuryMarauder.Net or talk to Dan or Mary.

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    Well, it's that time again. Marauderville 14 or Marauderville 2016, whatever you want to call it....

    If I can be of help, even a sounding board, please let me know!!!

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