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Old 02-10-2019, 09:33 AM
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Growing up in Oklahoma, people often defined themselves as "Chevy" of "Ford" guys. I never really knew I was Ford guy until later in life, especially yesterday when I was sitting poolside at a Courtyard Marriott, and heard a new monster Mustang wind out 1st gear and shift into second. I simply smiled and realized I was indeed a ford guy.

New thread "Heard a Ford?" Where you were, and what did you hear?

Courtyard Marriott, Sat 8:40AM poolside/Oceanside, Big Island-Kona, new Mustage hard accelerating between first and second gear. Sound echoed accross entire bay.

Buying gas Queen K 76, Kona... Heard a 4.6 with Flowmaster44's, looked up to see a sweet detailed and lowered Town Car.

2003 300A Black, #4918 of 7838, 17,400 Miles
Tune, KYB's, JLT, FlowMaster 42441, Res Delete, New BFG's, 8 coats of zymoil Titanium

2003 300B Silver Birch, #21 of 419, 29,800 miles
Tune, JLT, FlowMaster 42441 Res Delete, New Nitto 235/255 Bigcarsforever dead peddle & custom SRP peddles, 5 coats Zymoil Titanium, Addco front and rear sway bars, KYBs, 1/2 inch coil cut, Sparta Watts link and Control Arms, Carfixer alignment.

2003 CV Sport Matador Red, 19,280 Miles, DD, Curless Full Service Royal flush, Marto Tune, 18 Chrome Wheels w 235/265 front/back Nitto tires, NEW OEM Sport Springs -1 coil & Monroe Severe Duty (front) shocks, Addco front and rear sway bars, KYB rear Shocks, Carfixer Alignment.

2004 CV HPP Silver Birch, 93,000 miles. Son's DD, 18 Chrome Wheels w 235/265 front/back Nitto tires (thank you Lowndex!)
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Old 02-10-2019, 10:11 AM
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My next door neighbor used to be a Corvette guy. He had 4 or 5 of them, C4's and 5's. He sold them all a couple years ago and drove a beat up S-10 Blazer for a while. He drove in late last year with a Shelby GT 500KR. Every time he starts it I think I need t do something with the stock MM system. Not sure if I'm a Ford guy, but at the time the only body style I liked was the Panther. Kind of like the look of Audi's now. Might look into one of them someday.
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Old 02-10-2019, 12:23 PM
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About 2 weeks ago I was sitting in a loading dock in St.Peter's, MO when I heard the distinctive sound of a supercharged Ford V8. I assumed it was a Mustang but to my surprise it was not. It was a beat up looking 90s F150. It sounded sweet and ran sweeter! I wish I knew who owned it. They put a lot of money into the motor of what can only be described as a piece of crap. It made me think it was the Ford equivalent of Farm Truck!

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Old 02-10-2019, 01:02 PM
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1999 Charlotte Motor Speedway - Spring Swap Meet ...

• in the distance heard the roam of start-up from the ROUSH display tent - Cobra Vic'

• from across the paddock heard the start-up and idle of a FE big block - 427ci GT-40 backing-up into its display's parking space.
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Old 02-10-2019, 01:53 PM
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Summer of 1977.....hanging out at Lake Needwood in Rockville, Md.
1965 Shelby GT350 came up the curvy park road in 2nd gear....HiPo 289 howling through the side exit exhaust.....
I was instantly a FORD fan.

Summer of 1978.... Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Tractor Pull Competition.
Lots of multi-engined blown big block Tractors struggling to complete a full pull of 300 ft.
Tractor comes out with a single blown injected alcohol burning FORD 427 SOHC.
Crowd starts chuckling because they thought that the poor guy brought a knife to a gun fight.
Comes out of the hole at 6,500 rpm and as the sled loads up with weight....he buries the throttle!
Whatttttt!? He's got more revs!?? That SOHC was screaming at 8,000+ rpm.
Incredible noise!!!
Pulls the sled right out the end of the track and has to hit the brakes to stop the tractor.
I had never seen or heard a 427 SOHC before that....let alone thru open stack headers!!!....
The crowd, like me, was speechless....
2017 Ford Fusion Sport DFI. Twin Turbo V6 6 speed Auto
1985 Mustang GT 5.0 Hatchback 4bbl 5 speed manual
1984 Mustang GT 2.3 Turbo Convertible FI. 5 speed manual
1966 427 Cobra (ERA) 468 all Aluminum FE 2x4bbl 5 speed manual
1999 Ranger 3.sl0w DD/Beater

SOLD : 2003 Mercury Marauder FI. 4 speed Auto
w/Crower Cams & Springs, +1mm SS valves, mild port job on the cylinder heads.
Extrude honed intake w/PHP spacer.
Kooks Headers w/2.5" High Flow Cats & X-Pipe, Magnaflow mufflers, OEM tailpipes w/Megs Tips
B&M Trans cooler w/fan, Level 10 Shift Kit, Art Carr Hughes Deep Sump Trans Pan,
SVO Rearend Girdle, Redline Gear lube; OEM 3.55s
'Real Gauges' + matching Trans Temp, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Fuel Pressure, Vacuum/Boost Gauge
Built: 10/15/02 Bought: 12/16/02 Sold: 10/15/18

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Old 02-10-2019, 07:19 PM
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Never heard it, I was born that way...

BB#1) 1996 ImpalaSS - 16,500 miles - 100% stock
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BB#2) 2003 Marauder (300a) - 34k miles - Daily Driver
#2912 of 7093
Conceived 8/6/2002
Delivered 9/19/2002
Adopted 8/10/2011
Trilogy 242 - Self Installed 9/9/12 (0-60 5.5 sec)
Pioneer 6x8 Front
Legacy 600w 6x9 Rears
JL 6.5 SubWoofer
Window tint 50% rear/35% front
FBM CHMSL with Strobe mod 7/1/12
DR Deep Aluminum Trans Pan
Sparta FOMOCO Racing 8.8 Girdle
Mo's Dyno Tune
Gorilla Nuts - The System
Ford Racing 4.10s, 31 spline Cobra carrier & axles 7/1/12
Powder Coat Axle Housing 7/1/12
CME HP Rear Control Arms & Watts Link 7/1/12
______________________________ ________________

Rex "SC Cheesehead" Weinbender 11-14-13
Ed "Baaad GN" Linthicum 8-6-2014
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Old 02-10-2019, 09:51 PM
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I never really connected with my dad on much but cars were one thing we shared, I watched the Bullitt chase scene with him when I was pretty young and I was sold.

Fast forward to 16 and my first somewhat serious girlfriend had a '68 Mustang coupe with a pretty hot 302 and 3 speed Auto. I don't know if I liked her or the car more but neither were bad rides for the year or so we did what kids do.

In 2007 I got into law enforcement and I will always remember the sound that the Crown Victoria 4.6 liter makes when it shifts under WOT and the belt slips a bit. It seemed like every Vic I ever drove did it and I'll remember that sound forever.

I started selling Fords in 2015, sat in one of the S550 Mustangs and was sold. I went to one of the sales managers and told him to find me a Performance Package in Guard Metallic and I was a buyer. It was the closest color to Steve McQueen's car and has wonderful lines, I still love the sound of a cold start with the full Stainless Works exhaust. It's a damn neighborhood shaking symphony!

Lastly, I let my wife drive it on our first date for some unknown reason but I didn't want the date to end so when she commented that she always wanted to learn to drive manual I took her to a parking lot and we spent hours burning the clutch on my brand new baby. As dumb as it sounds, that was the "ah-ha" moment I needed to know she was a keeper.

Might not be what you were aiming for but I have some great memories tied to Ford vehicles.
2003 Mercury Marauder 300a
Former Owner: Joe Walsh

2015 Mustang GT PP
Guard Metallic Exterior

1997 Ford Ranger XLT
$1800 beater parts getter
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Old 02-11-2019, 03:48 PM
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12 years old. My Brother pulls up in a 69 Mach 1 with a dual quad 427 side oiler.

(drop Mic)

Sounded better with open headers.

Lots of great memories with him and the car. can't wait to see them on the tack again.
Built: 3/16/2004
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Trilogy S/C kit #224 installed August 2010
Detroit Tru-Trac 31 spline with 4.10 gearset
Must - Go - Faster !
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Old 02-11-2019, 05:26 PM
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Sometime in 1984. Muffler fell off our '81 Mercury Lynx with the 1.6L. Heard dad start it in the middle of the night to head off to work for a double shift, knew I was a Ford guy from that moment.
'91 Country Squire | '03 Marauder | '04 CVLX
formerly: '02 MGM, '04 MGM, '04 MGM v2.0, '04 MM, '07 P71 w/5-speed
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