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Old 04-15-2018, 06:09 PM
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An end of a era is gone.

Sad really.

Unfortunately or fortunately, it was created for an outlet because of censorship and micromanagement.

So this thread doesn't get nuked, Mods please show understanding as this is a place mark for history sake.

Try to keep it civil please.

I'm glad that a few members banded together to stand up for what they believed in. And will forever miss the antics and snarky remarks.

I enjoyed cruising by the site to keep in touch with some of the others that don't frequent this site for a HOST of reasons. Sad that the split up and eventual separation from the bulk of the MM community has distanced them almost completely from the MM family.
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Old 04-15-2018, 06:52 PM
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Enjoyed my time over there. Had some great laughs. Scored the start to my eaton swap and learned some stuff. Sad to see it gone.

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Old 04-15-2018, 07:17 PM
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But why is it gone? I stopped by it the other day and noticed it was shut down. Did something go wrong with it?
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Old 04-15-2018, 07:26 PM
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forums are not free, require tech etc.. owners dont have the same amount of time they once did, not as involved with marauders as before. I enjoyed many a times there.
2004 SB Ported Trilogy 48
Has supporting mods and stuff
Thanks to Marty O for his help in updating this car.

Rex "SC Cheesehead"
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Old 04-15-2018, 08:00 PM
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Well that sucks. Was just about to join so I wouldn't have to censor myself. That's what I get for being late.
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Old 04-16-2018, 03:53 AM
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Lost some good threads... The site will be missed
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Old 04-16-2018, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by RubberCtyRauder View Post
forums are not free, require tech etc.. owners dont have the same amount of time they once did, not as involved with marauders as before. I enjoyed many a times there.
Originally Posted by musclemerc View Post
Lost some good threads... The site will be missed
AMEN to both of these posts, of course, that comment will probably get me banned.....
I LOVE Jerry's bar, it's my kinda place...........

When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. It is difficult only for others. It is the same way when you are stupid.

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Old 04-16-2018, 06:08 AM
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Crap happens.
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2003 Mercury Marauder - BLK/DC
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Old 04-16-2018, 12:49 PM
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Seeing Joe in his natural habitat was special in ways few can appreciate or understand.....
Truly a sad day for MM owners and the nation.
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Old 04-16-2018, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by tbone View Post
Truly a sad day for MM owners and the nation.
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Old 04-16-2018, 04:08 PM
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All of the members over there I know they did sell their rides I did go over from time to time to talk to Chris W used to talk to him for hours and hours and hours sent numerous emails loads information he has on the mm
2003 MM 300A
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Adopted: 2/05/2013


Metco control arms, Addco sway bars, TCE brake lines, Gatorback belt, remote start, underbody lights, custom doorsills. Black with custom silver hood stripes (S-55 theme)

Adopted on12/09/18 from chief455

COMING SOON-Trilogy #005 THANKS CWright-
I am afraid you have awakened a sleeping Giant

Originally Posted by MOTOWN MARAUDER View Post
Im happy for you bro! Let the mods begin! I hear the mod bug broke his stinger when he heard you pulled the trigger!

BIG BIG thanks to the GOD of marauder parts ( Darren) I am the 1st winner of Darren bag of fun give-away
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Old 04-16-2018, 07:28 PM
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Chris W. as a highly religious and perhaps one of the most courteous persons I’ve ever met not only washing his hands of this place and posting over there (and a part owner) should speak volumes of how far friendships can go and when it’s time to walk away from places once called home..

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Old 04-17-2018, 08:05 AM
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I'm sad to hear this. I liked to pop in, mess stuff up, and roll out. Its sad to say that forums are on the way out. Social media groups can be made by anyone at anytime if they don't like another group's method of operation. If the invaluable tech info was searchable on those platforms like it was on the forums, that would seal the deal on forum demise.
03 Marauder- 300A, Eaton Swapped, current whip
03 Marauder- 300A, 5544 of 7839 in 03, Trilogy #24, SOLD
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Old 04-18-2018, 05:55 AM
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Sad ... But not surprising. Many of those that chose to leave burned their bridges and cut ties with friends and Marauder acquaintances made over the early years. Really quite a shame. I miss many of the people/screen names that left.
'03 MM 300B
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Bluerauder's Garage -- Pics and Other Info

Fifteen (15) years of CAM Meets, Regional, and Marauderville MM Event History & Upcoming (in RED) Events is Here
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Old 04-19-2018, 12:33 AM
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Me too, to all above. And I love a well crafted SNARK as much or more than the next guy!

I was once on a plane, went to the thier site on my Corp laptop, and some how a huge picture of a female (usually covered by a few layers of clothing) GIRL PART covered my entire laptop screen.

I must admit... I really really like these girl parts, I mean... I really like them! But not having the pop up unannounced in HUGE edge to edge TECHNICOLOR on my Corp laptop, ON A PLANE, with two ladies seated next to me!

I almost had a stroke!

Yes.... Totally my fault ( no need to defend them and flame me here)...but it was startling, embarrassing (I am a gentleman), and unannounced.

All of this is fun, and cool, and probably covered by free speech, and on and on and on... And could have gotten me thrown off plane and maybe even fired from my job.

Again, all my fault.

Sad to see them gone too. End of an error (see what I did there?)

So now... What do we do? I say let's revitalize and remake back into the fun, funny, supportive, informative, cadre of car folks it used to be!

I don't want this place to go away.

So let's all share one COOL selfless story.

My first MM story...
5 years ago a member named Rocky read I was buying an MM IN Tenn, And then driving it west through Oklahoma (Tulsa-where he lived) to California. He found a new pair of OEM spoilers for both of us and had them painted at his dealership when a same color black ford needed repair. As my tire rubber was stock, old dangerous... He used his dealership pricing and hooked me up with new OEM BFG tires and an alignment at cost -- and then presented me with the painted spoiler at cost too!

What is your cool story?

2003 300A Black, #4918 of 7838, 17,400 Miles
Tune, KYB's, JLT, FlowMaster 42441, Res Delete, New BFG's, 8 coats of zymoil Titanium

2003 300B Silver Birch, #21 of 419, 29,800 miles
Tune, JLT, FlowMaster 42441 Res Delete, New Nitto 235/255 Bigcarsforever dead peddle & custom SRP peddles, 5 coats Zymoil Titanium, Addco front and rear sway bars, KYBs, 1/2 inch coil cut, Sparta Watts link and Control Arms, Carfixer alignment.

2003 CV Sport Matador Red, 19,280 Miles, DD, Curless Full Service Royal flush, Marto Tune, 18 Chrome Wheels w 235/265 front/back Nitto tires, NEW OEM Sport Springs -1 coil & Monroe Severe Duty (front) shocks, Addco front and rear sway bars, KYB rear Shocks, Carfixer Alignment.

2004 CV HPP Silver Birch, 93,000 miles. Son's DD, 18 Chrome Wheels w 235/265 front/back Nitto tires (thank you Lowndex!)
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