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Old 05-12-2005, 07:36 PM
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Attention All Southeast Marauder Owners.


Participation in this will be the best thing you have done for yourself in a long time. Read on and sign up.

Go here and vote:
Marauder Advanced Driving & NHRA License School

Frank Hawley Drag Racing School Poll

Bring Your Own Car Frank Hawley

In answer to frequent requests, we are now offering the opportunity to bring, drive and learn in your own race car. For some racers, the opportunity to get some seat time and license in their own car is an attractive addition to our regular programs. Participants in this program will benefit from the first class instruction offered in all of Hawley's programs. You'll enjoy enlightening and informative classroom lectures and benefit from video reviews of your runs and, if you drive well, you'll earn your NHRA drivers license...guaranteed!
This program will be personally taught by Frank Hawley. There is simply no better way to learn and license or to improve your skills.

What topics would you like covered? What do you want the most help with? Frank Hawley's goal is for you to leave feeling awesome about what we accomplished. Please post your interests. This course can be customized to our needs.

One Day Seminar: Friday, Sept. 16, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Classroom, On Track Instruction

Cost: $1,000 for Group Instruction; $1,500 for Gainesville Raceway Rental

If 20 people sign up, the cost per driver is $125; if 30 people sign up, the cost per driver is $84.

Reaction Time Clinic

Drag racing is all numbers. Elapsed times, miles per hour, intermediate times, data from Racepak computers, dial-ins. and of course, reaction times. If you can't run on your dial-in or out run your opponent in heads-up racing and cut great lights, you will be heading home early. Without a question, the issue of reaction time is an important part of drag racing in every category. Racers realize this and many spend endless hours with a practice tree. This practice may or may not help them. There are very specific ways you should practice to achieve the best results, but many racers don't know how this should be done. And this type of practice won't work at all on the fifty percent of the RT number that is represented by the car.

Many people's problems arise from over-simplifying the fairly complex issue of RT. Most people do not fully understand how the human mind and body react to outside stimuli. They simply don't know how their body works. A racer knows it would be hard to adjust a race car if he or she didn't know how the car worked. The same thing applies to your mind and body. How can you improve your mental and physical skills if you don't know how your mind and body work?

At Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School Reaction Time Clinics we teach you the psychological and physiological aspects of mind and body that will enable you to improve both your reaction time and consistency.

Our Reaction Time Clinics don't just stop there.

We also give you information on how your car responds to the timing system. Do you know what the third beam is on the starting line? Do you understand rollout distance as it is related to stage position, physical rollout of the car, and how the actual rollout distance is affected by the trajectory of your car on the launch? Do you know how all of this affects your RTs and ETs? If you don't fully understand this and more, you are at a disadvantage every time you go to the starting line. At our Reaction Time Clinic we will teach you this and more. Your car may be fast and you feel like you're on time, but you still have poor or inconsistent RTs. Why? It may be your car. Like you, your car has a reaction time, and it's not related to its acceleration. We will explain this and we will measure your car's reaction time as a separate number from the driver reaction time. You will be able to stop blaming yourself if it's your car that doesn't react.

How do we do all this?

We use the revolutionary DRT System developed by Frank Hawley and Bob Brockmeyer, the developer of the Compulink timing system. With the DRT System we install a device on your car that sends a signal directly to the track's timing system. This gives you an accurate measure of the driver's reaction time from the time the driver sees the light and tells the car to go and the car's reaction time from the time it was told to go until it actually leaves the stage beam. If RTs are inconsistent you will be able to determine if it is the driver or the car that is really inconsistent. If RTs are slow you will be able to see if it is the driver or the car that is slow. And if your RTs are consistent and fast, the driver can then fine tune both to be even better.

The curriculum used in these courses has been carefully designed to accommodate first time racers as well as veterans. If you've never raced before, you'll receive all the instruction necessary to take you from the beginning steps . . . all the way to the finish line!

If you have experience on the quarter mile, you'll be blown away by the amount of knowledge you'll gain through this program. You'll increase your skills and gain confidence at handling these lightning quick machines. You'll learn how your mind and body work and how to train yourself to think, act and perform like a champion. This two day course is a combination of race track action, stimulating classroom lectures and driving session reviews.

This course keeps a steady pace with plenty of action on and off the track. Earn your NHRA Competition Driver's License.
Marauder Advanced Driving & NHRA License School

Frank Hawley
2005 GTO
LS2, T-56, Diablo, SLP Strut Bar, GMM Ripshift, Taylor Battery Box, SLP Line Lock, MagnaFlow Exhaust, Russell SS Brakelines, NOS/NX Plate system 150, FJO Progressive Controller, SSBC Tri Piston Brakes, DBA Rotors, Kooks Long Tubes No Cats, NA
534 RWHP

2003 MM
Novi 1200SL, Addco F/R Sway Bars, Metco U/L C Arms, Kooks-Jet Hot, Flowmaster 40s /MagnaFlow custom Exhaust, Art Carr Trans, PI3000, FR 4:10, Zex, Hurst RC, SC
457 RWHP

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