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Old 09-27-2002, 01:20 AM
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Spoiler & Mod Questions for Logan & The Group

Logan & Other MM Owners,

HELP, I have few questions for you.

1. Logan, It's been almost a week that you've had the spoiler. How do feel about it now, after seeing it on the car for sometime? Since I haven't seen the spoiler in person and it's hard to get read on from the photos. I am torn on what to do. I'm really looking forward to your response.

2. I ordered the 4.10, chip, plugs & thermostat from Dennis today. I'm looking forward getting it installed and feeling the added power. I never done anything more than a slight cosmetic mod to any of my previous cars and I'm clueless when discussing anything more than the most basics when it comes cars.

A) Is a 4.10 the only gear option that we can put on the MM?

B) How come the SS owners never, at least what I have read, install 4.10 in them? I have no clue what the number actually are but I recall there only in the high 3s'

C) I often take long business trips in my MM. Sometimes 600 miles in a day. How will the 4.10 effect my highway driving?

D) Is there anything I have to careful with or look out for after doing these mods?

E) I live in Philadelphia and my dealership won't do the work without hassling me on the warranty. I'm sure if I can pinpoint an SVT dealer it won't be a problem but in the meantime if anyone reading is from the area and knows of a great speed shop or how find out which the SVT dealers are it would be greatly appreciated.

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From Reinhart: 4.10 Rear Gear, 180 Degree Thermostat, Motorcraft Plugs, Metal Matrix Driveshaft, Rear Sway Bar.
From Metco: Carbon Fiber Intake Tube, Control Arms & Watts Link.
From Others: Kenny Brown Braided Brake Lines & Dead Pedal
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Old 09-27-2002, 09:49 AM
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I'll try answering a couple of your questions..

A. 4.10s are not the only option. The Ford Motorsports catalog also has 3.73's (only a 5% change), 4.10's (Most Common here, a 16% change) 4.56's are next I believe and even lower gears are available. I believe Richmond Gears even has 6.XX somethings.. (Read: Drag Race Track Only!!) The issue is what RPM will you run cruising at 70MPH... there is a link on the site for a neat gear calculator and you can see the difference. 4.10 appears to be the lowest gears you can run without turning too high of a RPM at cruise. Increased RPM equals reduced gas mileage / and potentially more noise in the cabin. You would be surprised what a change of a few hundred RPM can do to cabin noises due to resonances...

B. The ImpalaSS has different gear ratios in the transmission that are lower (higher numerically) than the MM. 3.73's in a SS is about the equivalent of 4.10's in a MM due to the transmission gearing..

C. See A. Lower Gas Mileage / Maybe Noise.. how much I don't know someone who has done the mod can answer. ToddAlanFisher has done the mods and does a lot of highway driving, you might want to ask him..

D. IMHO the biggest thing to watch for is anal retentive dealers who act stupid over mods.. My dealership advised me not to make any modifications and refused to do the work if I decide to go ahead.. Find a Ford SVT / Motorsports dealer!! And remember if anything goes wrong and it turns into a warranty issue, justifiable or not, you will have to deal with it if your dealer gets anal..

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Old 09-27-2002, 10:28 AM
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1. I've grown to like the look of the spoiler just fine. I've changed my mindset from "hohum" to "cool"... Go buy one, you'll like it.

2. A) You can do whatever you like. The reasonable ratio's would be 3.73, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56. Having tried 3 sets of gears and done the rpm calcs on the 4.30's and 4.56's, I can say this. 3.73's aren't enough, car still bogs on launch and on downshifts. 4.30's and 4.56's in my mind are too much, they operate the car too far into it's powerband and start to limit your top end speed. 4.10's are the ****zy IMHO.

B) 03 Merc has part of it, tranmission gearing in the SS is different and the chevy motor makes it's torque alot lower in the power band due to the standar OHV design.

C) 4.10's will raise your cruising RPM by 325rpm or so. Not a big deal, you won't notice it. Get the reinhart driveshaft and you really won't notice it with the additional damping effects...

D) Not really... I'll echo 03 Merc's comments...

E) I would suggest getting in touch with your local Mustang or SVT club and find out where they're taking their vehicles...
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Old 09-27-2002, 10:48 AM
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Gears and Mods

Logan (and others here) have MUCH more knowledge on this than me, but, Wayne kind of set the stage for me to "chime in" a little here. I can answer from a TRUE layman's point of view since I have NEVER modified a car before and learned everything from this site since July.

First of all, if you are considering the mods, work with Dennis Reinhardt. And I mean that from the purest perspective. Dennis has not provided me with any "special pricing", "incentives" or anything other than complete professionalism, followthrough and advice to someone (like me) with a LOT of stupid questions. I met him through this board and everything you read about him is not only true, it's even more true than most of us can describe in words.

Second, Wayne is 100% correct! Find a "mod. friendly" SVT/BlueOval dealer in your area. Most L/M dealers are used to the 80 year olds looking for the fake "convertable tops" for their TC or GM and really don't know how to handle these cars. (OK...this IS MHO) We are lucky in ATL to have a TRUE, SVT-BlueOval dealer and they have been GREAT with me. I also was introduced to a Ford Master Tech @ that dealer (with a referral from Dennis, I might add!) Who is a true, Master (and member on this board!)

Lastly, I do frequent trips (this week in fact) to Charlotte and Birmingham and I'm getting between 21-22 mpg. But, I MUST say...I WOT several times on those long stretches...that's why I bought the car was to have a little fun! NOTE: one of my goals is to answer the post/thread "it even looks cool at night" with a "proper" pic with the needle on the other for it...I will get that accomplished!
But the NET/NET is...I REALLY feel like I have a totally different car than I drove off the lot with the mods. I could not recommend them any more. As to road noise @ "speed"...the "growl" is a little more noticable @ 80 mph but, it's just right...not too much that I can't have a conversation with someone. I've seen SEVERAL complaints here about it not being enough...

And today...I met with someone to investigate remote radar detector which will replace and be placed in the now (useless IMHO) compass area of the overhead console. That is probably going to be my next "spend".

The Marauder has been everything and MORE that I expected when I first got on the "wait list" over a year and a half ago...stock or mod. there is not anything I would rather be driving...

OK...enough from me...let the REAL experts "chime in"...
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