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Old 08-26-2009, 10:03 AM
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Adjustable brake pedal install

I had posted a question on how to fix the adjustable pedals on our cars and never got an answer to the post. I want to share what I did. I sent a PM to vegasmarauder since he had replied to a few posts in the past regarding this. He sent me a reply with some instructions on how to fix the problem. I have included it below. I have also put my input in as to my experience changing out the brake pedal. If you do this yourself it will save you some dollars. Don’t know how much the dealer would charger but I would expect it to be at least a few hundred. If you normally work on your car then this process is not that hard but if you don’t I suggest you take it in to get it repaired.

Here is what vegasmarauder sent me.

“Yes. It will seem impossible to do and the repair manual says you have to take some stuff off, etc.

In a nutshell, the brake booster rod comes off with a clip, and then you slide the brake light switch partially off the pin and it lifts up. Lay the parts out in order of removal, makes it easier to put it back.

There are 4 nuts that hold the assembly to the firewall. they are 13,14, or 15 MM I think. Then push the booster/master cylinder assembly towards the front of the car to give you a little more room. The booster uses studs thru the firewall into the passenger compartment to hold the pedal assembly in.

There is a bolt in the top of the pedal assembly to underside of instrument cluster, that has to come out too (10MM I think).

Getting the assembly out, you have to rotate it in one direction (I forget now) and move the pedal against the return spring and then give it a little force past a sticking point and it will fall out on the floor. Remember EXACTLY how you turned it to get it out because the new one has to go back in the same way. Be careful not to damage the blue cruise control switch, or your cruise will be out. I take the switch off until I have the assembly in the car just in case. It rotates a 1/4 turn and comes off the bracket.

It sounds a little harder than it actually is. The whole key is the rotation of the old one out and the new one in, saves a lot of time. Good luck.”

I followed his instructions and here is my step by step repair fun.

The part number for the brake pedal assembly is 3W1Z-2455-BA. It lists for about 157.00 but I was able to get one from Bob Utter Ford in Tx for 122 plus shipping.
As stated in other posts the problem with the pedals not moving in most cases is the result of the gear in the brake pedal cracking and not allowing the assembly to move. To see if that is why yours is not moving here is how to check.
1. Remove the trim panel on the lower portion of the dash. There are two screws one on each side at the bottom. One of the screws also holds the Emergence brake release. Once the screws are out the panel just pulls down. It is held in by a couple of metal push in clips.

2 . Take the black cover plate off under the dash. It has three plastic push in clips that hold it up and it is hooked in the back to a metal tab. I was able to get the plastic clips out by prying them up with a small screw driver and then getting a needle nose pliers under the head and just pull them out. (There is a tool for this but I don’t have one) The clips can be reused.
  • Once the cover is down take the light off by turning it and pulling it out.
  • On the brake pedal is a white housing that the cable from the gas pedal motor attaches to. Remove the cable by unhooking the black clip holding it to the housing. Be carful because the clip is plastic. I used a small screw driver to pry it off.
  • Once the clip is off pull the cable out of the brake pedal housing.
  • With the cable disconnected at the brake pedal push your adjustable pedal switch. If your gas pedal now moves back and forth as it should then you know the problem is your brake pedal. If the gas pedal does not move there is some other problem.
  • If it is your brake pedal and you have the new assembly now is the time to change it since you already have access to the pedal with what you have already taken off.
If the problem is your brake pedal and you want to change it then follow the steps noted above by vegasmarauder. I followed his steps and it worked
Some additional install notes:
It is a good idea to put a soft blanket or something on the floor of the car or you will kill you back and the hook that holds the floor mat will stick in your back. (Don’t ask how I know).

Not mentioned above is the need to synchronize the pedals once the new brake pedal is installed. (Note: you should manually adjust the brake pedal to it lowest point before you install it on the car by manually turning where the cable would hook up with a small screw driver). Run the gas pedal to it’s lowest point with the adjuster switch and the cable off the brake housing. Then make sure the brake pedal is at its lowest level by manually turning where the cable would hook up with a small screw driver if you forgot to do it before you installed it. Now put the cable on the brake housing but do not hook the clip on yet and hit the adjuster switch to see if the pedals move together and are at the desired level. If they are not then just pull the cable out and start the process over again.

Also as a side note make sure you do look at how the brake light switch is hooked up and the order the parts come off in. I even suggest taking a few pictures. I know when I put the brake light switch back on it took I few tries because I did not remember exactly how it was mounted. As stated above you should also take the cruise control switch off before you start messing around with the whole brake assembly or you may end up having to buy a new one.

Once I got the assembly out I took the two small tork head screws holding the housing on and them pried the housing off. I found the plastic gear was cracked. I also discovered that if I manually turn the gear the assembly was able to move. Had I known this I would have tried to take the housing apart when it was still in the car ( I think it could be done since there appears to be enough room under the dash) and then manually adjusted the brake pedal. Then I would have put the housing back on the brake pedal and replaced the screws and the cable just to make sure it would not move when I pushed on the brake pedal. This would have been a quick fix because my pedals were stuck in the high position and I had to wait a week for the part to arrive.

I kept my old assembly with the hope that someone will come up with a metal gear to replace the broken plastic one.

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Old 08-26-2009, 10:09 AM
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great write-up my friend!

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Direct Vent Injection
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Now come fix mine



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How long did this process take? Can the gear be replaced w/o taking the assembly down and out?
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Old 08-26-2009, 12:40 PM
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Hi, Took about 2 hours (and that was with a break or two ). There is no replacement for the plastic gear that breaks. You can manually turn the brake pedal up or down if you take the cover for the gears off the brake assembly and manually turn the broken plastic gear. You need to take the cable off the brake assembly before you remore the cover. Like I said in the write up I took the cover off once the assembly was out of the car but I think you may be able to do it with in still on the car. Will be tight but looks like there should be room. Just need the correct size tork head (small) socket to get the two screws out of the top and them use a small screw driver to pry the housing off. If you do this be sure to put the housing back on when you are done and the cable, or the brake pedal MAY move when you press on the brake.
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