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Logan's 2006 Jeep SRT8
425hp AWD 6.1L Jeep SRT8.

It ain't no Marauder, but it'll do in a pinch!
IMG_1572.jpg IMG_1574.jpg IMG_1567.jpg
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Author Comment Date
BCKNBLK Awesome! 04-22-2004
tstrat99 You know it's special with its own poster board. Check out those MMnet Texas plates. 04-23-2004
RVT04 i seen it in person - this picture doesn't do it justice and boy howdy does it scat. 05-20-2004
mjb711 Any chance we can order more badges, as I am new to the site ? 06-23-2004
MarauderMark It sure is a show quality lookin car.Oh and it kiks butt to .wtg Wanna trade? i was only kiddin PLEASE Don't touch that button....:) 06-23-2004
barry How about the SS Inserts 06-26-2004
mjb711 Regarding the 4.10's, have seen the additional 400 rpm or so at 80 mph in the threads, how bad does fuel economy take a hit ? What trans reprogramming is needed ? 06-26-2004
hshaw0881 what kind of muffler do u have 05-10-2005
Mike Poore It's my, ***blush*** first time 01-05-2005
Mike Poore OH, heck. I thought this was the chat room... eoooowww 01-05-2005
logan2 I had a Uncle in Killeen Tx who's last name was Logan also, any relation. 01-19-2005
stgeorge Help! Looking to connect upwith Pita for an "Oasis" 03-27-2005
04funmerc Wish I could see it in person(maybe at WDCIII?) Sounds awesome. 03-15-2005
kenpack1 Trying to get to know the maraurder group. also looking for some info on upgrades (e.g. Badgeless grill) i am not familiar with using the site. 05-12-2005
jackie47 I also having trouble connecting, what is the regular address, I want at least 1 set maybe two, will they stick to the valve covers? Also want a set of polished crome "MARAUDER" bumper inserts 07-19-2005
Jessica Where's the Caddy???? 08-02-2005
stryker żJust that picture? C'mon man post more 10-19-2005
03SILVERSTREAK Logan -I can't get past page 1 in the VB Garage... 07-05-2006
younga1 Nice new ride Logan!!! Another MM guy converts to SRT. 07-24-2006
mungce As always, you have a very fine ride !! 07-29-2006
G-Man Sweet ride Logan! How's it run? I may convert. 08-16-2006
Mike94 Logan, I am looking for a set of Marauder fender badges. Please contact me @ Mike94. 08-21-2006
stealth Thats a beautiful piece of machinery 11-30-2006
darkvader arrrrrrrrrrrrr! 07-29-2007
FreddieH Had one for two days,Tempted to buy. 11.7 MPG avg. 08-11-2007
tple. a wa up guys am a new marauder own code name tple.a love the car. is there any info. i need to about the marauder thas use ful i would apprei. any info.thanz 08-17-2007
tple. a is this an exclusive club or any one can get in i all alone here with just some talk about wa i consider a beauti 08-17-2007
04impalaslyer sounds pretty bad 09-03-2007
computertech Nice man,really nice ! 09-27-2010
MMcactusflower holler out if you are over in the wimberley area 06-01-2012
batmanone wheres the marauder 06-26-2012
04marauder interested in meeting up with fellow marauder owners in the dfw area. i personally live off i30 at lake ray hubbard. 05-15-2014

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