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stevencory's 2003 Mercury Marauder 300A
Mercury is god of trade and profit, merchants and travelers, but originally of the trade in corn. He is the son of Zeus and Maia, daughter of the Titan Atlas, and was born in a cave on mount Cyllene in Arcadia. He is the fastest of the gods, and his position was as messenger to Zeus and all the other gods. He had a temple in Rome near the Circus Maximus on the Aventine Hill which dates back to 495 BC. This temple was connected to some kind of trade fair. His main festival, the Mercuralia, was celebrated on May 15 and on this day the merchants sprinkled their heads and their merchandise with water from his well near the Porta Capena.

He was also the Divine Herald, the solemn guide who knew the road to hell and would lead the souls of the dead down to the Underworld, after Thanatos (Death) did his job. That's why he was also called Psychopompus, a name given to him for being the guide of souls to the Underworld.

The attributes of Mercury are the caduceus (a staff with two intertwined snakes) and a purse (a symbol of his connection with commerce). He is portrayed similarly to Hermes: dressed in a wide cloak, wearing talaria (winged sandals) and petasus (winged hat).

Mercury is also known as Alipes ("with the winged feet").

In his role as Messenger God, took part in many myths and was employed by all the gods, particularly Zeus, on a number of occasions. He was the one who:

▒ Brought the goddesses Aphrodite, Hera and Athena to the shepherd Paris, who judged that Aphrodite was the most beautiful, causing the Trojan War.

▒ Tied Ixion's hands and feet to the wheel, which is said to roll perpetually in the air.

▒ Led the Trojan King Priam to the tent of Achilles to fetch the body of his dead son, Hector.

▒ Gave Odysseus moly, the magic plant which offered protection against enchantment by a witch.

▒ Gave the Golden-Fleeced ram to Nephele, in order to save her children.

▒ Gave Hades' helmet of invisibility to the hero Perseus in order to help him slay Medusa.

▒ Rescued from the flames baby Dionysus, god of wine, following his birth.

▒ Brought back Zeus' sinews, which the monster Typhon had stolen, rendering Zeus helpless.

▒ Freed the war god Ares from the bronze jar in which he had been imprisoned during the Olympians' battle versus the Giants.

▒ During this same Giants revolt, Hermes, wearing Hades' helmet of invisibility, killed the giant Hippolytus

▒ Sold the hero Heracles (Hercules) to Queen Omphale.

▒ Rescued Io, one of Zeus' lovers, who had been transformed into a cow and was guarded by Argus, the 100-eyed giant. Hermes slew Argus and set Io free. He is sometimes called Argiphontes, for having killed the All-seeing Argus
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