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carfixer's 2004 Mercury Marauder
Car was bought new by me in Oct '03.

At 1,700 miles, bone stock with no mods at all, car ran a best of 14.90 1/4 ET in Bradenton FL.

Shortly after, 4.10:1 gears, underdrive pullies and Denso plugs installed. Car was tuned with a SCT9100 Tuner.

Car ran again in Bradenton with a best of 14.29 1/4 ET.

Installed a ZEX wet NOS system.

Nov '04, with 75HP jets installed, car ran 13.4 1/4 ET.
Installed 100HP jets and car ran 13.2 1/4 ET. These were run on the same day in Bradenton with temps approacing 90 degrees.

Dec '04, ran car in Bradenton on a 60* nite with 125HP jets installed.
Car ran 12.68 at 108 MPH.

Other mods:
Badgless Grille
(2) 7" LCD monitors behind the head rests
Portable DVD player
Car is cleaned and detailed with Zaino products only.
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Author Comment Date
Smokie That DTR was fast the day you got it !!!! 12.6 ...Lord have mercy...them blower boys better watch out. 01-04-2005
Bootlegger That was a great run, glad i was there to see it..Kinda................ 01-05-2005
MarauderMark That surely is impressive.. 01-15-2005
tallboy Very impressive car and numbers for such a young kid... 02-02-2005
tallboy I was also a witness to the 12.68 run. I was in the other lane, several car lengths behind... 02-08-2005
Bootlegger Numbers, waiting on new numbers........... 05-19-2005
Smokie Update please...... 09-24-2005

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