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MarauderMark's 1602 rienhrat sux Model
Car Sold !

OH!! Don't be stupid like me and trust rienhrat hes a lair and a piece of dunn.pos cost me $70000 not including my the price of the ford junk.
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Author Comment Date
Haggis Man that pumkin is real scary, do you use it for Halloween. 04-22-2004
tstrat99 Love the shine on your Black Beauty!!! What body of water is that in your backyard?? 04-23-2004
Ladyhawke Mark I don't remember seeing no stinkin' spoiler on you car?!?!? lol 04-23-2004
Haggis "5% Limo Tinted windows(Can't see a thing at night)". No wonder we got lost in Philly!! LOL 04-27-2004
Bigdogjim Sweet ride! Enjoy:) 05-09-2004
Constable Good luck with your new found power... all hail Reinhart! 05-09-2004
merc Wow Mark, what a car dude 06-13-2004
Smokie Your car is what mine want to be when he grows up !!! 01-04-2005
Defyant Dam. Mark I can't wait to see this car!!! 01-15-2005
Patrick Sweet I hope I get mine to the Doc too!!!!!!!! 01-27-2005
Merc-O-matic Gotta Love It! 01-27-2005
jimbrix I'm sorry I have to ask, but what happened with the chip ??? Why did you 'opt out'? 02-23-2005
Marauderman sounds like mine--when she come out as well with the new upgrades--cool Mark! 06-16-2005
Dennis Reinhart Here is where were at, Marks new motor is assembled, the intake was sent out to be powdercoated alomg with another valve cover, we sent Mark's S Trim to Vortech, for T rim conversion, I should have this back in a week, we then will install the new engine and transmission, and get the car on the dyno, after that it's going in for a Viper alarm with auto start, I will post more pictures later this week. 07-08-2005
MarauderMark Ahhhh Dennis your One in a Million..Thank you .. 07-10-2005
Bluerauder Lookin' forward to seeing this monster tomorrow !! So what's left for Stage V ?? :lol: 09-16-2005

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