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Bluerauder's 2003 Mercury Marauder
MM.Net Member #1891
'03 MM 300B
67 of 328 DBP
6,576 of 7,838 '03 MMs
6,576 of 11,052 total
Stock 4.6 L DOHC w/DR tune
Dark Blue Pearl Exterior (DBP)
Light Flint Leather Interior (1 of 215 Blues w/Light Flint)
Built 10 Jan 2003
In Service 4 October 2003

'12 Taurus SHO 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 DOHC DI Twin Turbo
(365 HP, 350 TQ)
Tuxedo Black Metallic with Charcoal Black Leather interior (1 of 415)

#318 of 478 in Tuxedo Black
#1,483 of 1,808 Overall for 2012
Built 24 Jan 2012
In Service 20 February 2012


--Member Capitol Area Marauders (CAM) since April 2004
--Marauderville III & Woodward Dream Cruise, August 2005 (85 MMs in the BK Lot)
--MV IV in Orlando, FL, Nov 2006 (Illness--Cancelled the AutoTrain and Disney World visit)
--MV V in Hagerstown, MD, Aug 2007 CAM Planning Committee (BBQ, Car Show, Mason-Dixon Dragway, Skyline Drive, Luray Caverns and Potomac River Cruise)
--3rd Annual Louisville, KY Regional Meet, 3-6 Apr 2008 (Buffalo Trace & Wild Turkey)
--2008 Marauders at Carlisle, 6-8 June 2008 (On the flat near the Picnic Park)
--MV VI in St. Louis, MO, Sep 2008 (Not this time due to work schedule)
--CAM Gettysburg Weekend, 17-19 Oct 2008 (ABC Brewpub & Adam's County Winery)
--4th Annual Louisville, KY Regional Meet, 26-29 Mar 2009 (Louisville Sluggers and Churchill Downs)
--2009 Marauders at Carlisle, 5-7 Jun 2009 (Up on the hill)
--MV VII in Indianapolis, IN, 30 Sep - 4 Oct 09 (Back to the Brickyard, Old Metamora and King Tut)
--5th Annual Louisville, KY Regional Meet, 8-11 Apr 2010 (Not happening )
--2010 Marauders at Carlisle, 4-6 Jun 2010 (45 MMs near the Car Corral)
--MV VIII in Charlotte, NC, 8-12 Sep 2010 (NASCAR Hall of Fame & 5 Laps at Lowes Motor Speedway --- what a blast !!!)
--2011 Marauders at Carlisle, 3-5 June 2011 (On the MM Mountain again .... 47 registered, 35 MMs on the hill. 18 Black, 3 Blue, 3 DTR, and 11 SBs in the group .... the Silvers are taking over !! )
--MV IX in Hershey, PA, 12-16 October 2011 (Civil War Museum, Strassburg Railroad Museum and train, AACA Museum, Beaver Springs Dragway, and Hershey's Chocolate World)(74 MMs and 134 people. What a Blast !!! )
--2012 Marauders at Carlisle, 1-3 June 2012 (41 MMs [22 JPB, 10 SB, 5 DTR, & 4 DBP] and 100 MM owners, friends, family & enthusiasts on Marauder Mountain)
--MV X in South Haven, MI, 12-16 September 2012 (Kalamazoo Air Zoo, MI Maritime Museum, Tall Ship cruise, Car Show and Roscoe's Cruise) . It was a real blast !!!
--2013 Marauders at Carlisle, 7-9 June 2013. (On the MM Mountain again .... 51 cars on the Hill, 43 MMs -- 21 Black, 12 Silver, 5 DTR, 5 Blue, and 7 CVs and 1 GM SBs in the group .... a new record for attendance !! ).
--MV XI in Atlanta, GA, 18-22 September 2013. Not this time. .
--2014 Marauders at Carlisle, 6-8 June 2014. (On the MM Mountain again .... 49 MMs -- 22 Black, 13 Silver, 8 DTR, 6 Blue .... a new record for attendance !! ).
--MV XII in Bolingbrook/Chicago, IL, 24-28 September 2014. Nope !!
--2015 Marauders at Carlisle, 5-7 June 2015. (On the MM Mountain again .... 35 MMs -- 17 Black, 8 Silver, 6 DTR, 4 Blue. ).
--MV XIII in Las Vegas, NV, 16-20 September 2015. Too much going on to make this one !!
--2016 Marauders at Carlisle, 3-5 June 2016. (On the MM Mountain again .... 38 MMs -- 17 Black, 11 Silver, 4 DTR, 6 Blue. ).
--MV XIV in Cleveland, OH, 7-11 September 2016. Hotel already booked !! It was a Blast. Loved the Rock & Rock HOF, CVSR trainride, Hofbrauhaus, and the Goodtimes III Happy Hour Cruise.

22 Trophies

**2016 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals" Showfield Winner -- 2nd Place '03-'04 Mercury Marauder Stock Class Y197, 3-5 June 2016
**2015 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals" Showfield Winner -- 2nd Place '03-'04 Mercury Marauder Stock Class B384, 5-7 June 2015
**3rd Place MM.Net Best of Show N/A -- 2015 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals", 5-7 June 2015
**2014 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals" Showfield Winner -- 1st Place '03-'04 Mercury Marauder Stock Class B073, 6-8 June 2014
**2013 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals" Showfield Winner -- 2nd Place '03-'04 Mercury Marauder Stock Class B120, 7-9 June 2013
**2013 MM.Net "Best All Stock" MM at Carlisle All Ford Nationals
**2nd Place Best Naturally Aspirated -- Marauderville X (MV10), 12-16 September 2012
**2012 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals" Showfield Winner -- 3rd Place '03-'04 Mercury Marauder Stock Class Y452, 1-3 June 2012
**2nd Place MM.Net Best of Show N/A -- 2012 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals", 1-3 June 2012
**3rd Place Best of Show N/A -- Marauderville IX (MV9), 12-16 October 2011
**1st Place MM.Net Best of Show N/A -- 2011 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals", 3-5 June 2011
**Best Display -- Marauderville VIII (MV8), 10 September 2010
**2010 Carlisle Special Award "Celebrity Pick" All Ford Nationals, 4-6 June 2010
**1st Place MM.Net Best Display -- 2010 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals", 4-6 June 2010
**1st Place - Best Display -- Marauderville VII (MV7), 3 October 2009
**Best Display (MM Category) -- 2009 Carlisle "All Ford Nationals", 5-7 June 2009
**3rd Place Overall Best in Show -- Marauderville V (MV5), August 2007
**Best in Show for Presentation or Display -- Marauderville V (MV5), August 2007
**2nd Place, Class 9 Stock 2000-2007, 6th Annual UPS Car Show, Laurel, MD, October 2006
**Top 50 2nd Annual Manassas Park High School Car, Truck and Cycle Show, 25 July 2009
**Top 25 Jacksonville VFD, MD Car Show, 26 August 2006
**Top 25 Prince William Cruisers Benefit Car Show, 26 September 2010
** "Ride of the Month" -- February 2013
** "Featured Car of the Month" -- September 2006

Info and Added Stuff

97,421 miles (Retired from DD Duty on 2/20/2012)
Build Date 10 Jan 2003
MV V SCT Live Wire w/custom tune
MV III Trunk Liner (Decklid Designs)
MM Car Cover from Group Buy (Courtesy of finster101 on 11/1/2012)
"Powered by Ford" rare Ford GT coil covers from Spectragod (7/1/2013)
"4.6L 32 Valve" Aluminum finned Coil Covers from SpartaPerformance (10/17/2012)
Garmin nuvi 1300T GPS/Nav w/Bracketron Vent Mount
SS Inserts
Redline Custom Floormats w/ "MARAUDER" in blue stitching
Marauder Door Sills w/blue lettering (10/5/2011 from fastblackmerc)
Martyo Fender Badges (still in the package)
Heated Seats and Mirrors
6 CD-Changer
Trunk Organizer

Miscellanous/Other Goodies

Custom "Bluerauder" Showboard(s)
Framed original window sticker w/1st day pics
Reprint of original window sticker (Thanks, sspmustang)
Custom Limited Edition Plaque (Steve Babcock & Logan McLeod signatures, Aug 2005)
Ford Racing FPG "Certificate of Limited Production" #67 of 328 DBP
Carlisle 2008 Photo Show Plaque
Carlisle 2010 Photo Show Plaque
Carlisle 2011 Photo Show Plaque
Carlisle 2012 Photo Show Plaque
Carlisle 2014 Photo Show Plaque
Carlisle 2014 "Marauder Mountain" poster (13" x 19" framed)
Carlisle 2015 Photo Show Plaque (Two Trophy Cars--MM & SHO)
“MARAUDER DRIVE” Sign 6” x 30”
"BLUERAUDER" European Style License Plate (Courtesy of FreddieH)
9' x 18' Checkerboard Showmat
1:18 Scale Diecast Model of the "Bluerauder"
1:24 Scale model of a 1964 Mercury Marauder in DBP
1:43 Scale model of a 1964 Mercury Marauder in DBP
1:64 Scale custom/personalized Blue MM diecast (2 ea) (rec'd 16 Jun 11 from Peter)
Michael Irvine Limited Edition Marauder Print (#32 of 800 delivered 14 Dec 09)
Various original print ads for the '63-'64 Mercury Marauder
MV7 Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Lap Certificate and Photos
MV8 Charlotte Motor Speedway (CMS) Lap Certificate and Photos
Marauder "Rebel with a Cause" Banner
Marauder "Godshead" wooden plaque
2 MM.Net National Member Tile coasters
Godshead Shotglass (Etched)
2 Godshead Shotglasses (Blue)
MV8 Mercury Marauder Zippo Lighter (courtesy of 03mmmonroe)
MV9 Mercury Marauder Zippo Lighter (courtesy of P71 George)
MV9 MM.Net Fleece blanket (in Blue, what else)
2-Tone & Black Marauder "Dickies" Mechanics shirts (Thanks Blackened300A 11/23/10)
Blue and Black Marauder Polo shirts
Tons of MM T-Shirts from various MV, Carlisle, CAM and other events/activities
Bluerauder_at_BK_Woodward.jpg Blue MM at Safford.jpg MMs on Skyline Drive.jpg Bluerauder Rear Oblique 2.jpg MMCheesecake1.jpg
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Author Comment Date
MarauderMark That blue is the best color,with that interior!!Pollie gala!! 04-23-2004
merc Looks like your family is having fun. Now let the mods begin.... 05-05-2004
woaface Whoa! That is one beautiful car! 05-17-2004
MICA Racing Looks mighty sweet in blue! And it looks like you keep it in great shape! 06-06-2004
Bill Maas the shine on my red marauder, compliments of Mother's California gold, instant detailer. Should work good on your already great looking Bluerauder. 06-18-2004
Mike Poore Hey, I got new privledges, or sumthin. Cool! 01-05-2005
04marauderMD666 Love the car!.. in blue it's so smooth and sleek!.. 01-16-2005
David Race I had no idea that blue was an option! looks great,but where's the spoiler? 05-28-2005
MARAUDER63 Doesn't need spoiler, looks fine as is! 06-17-2005
DeepSea117 Dope color! Never seen any blue ones around here. Or black, red, or silver ones neither. The pearl turns it up a notch! 07-19-2005
merc you cut the picture of my car off next to yours 07-27-2005
MrAlex Think I could Beat a 2003 mustang gt? 08-11-2005
GRIFFEMT I am looking to put on better brakes pads rotor calipers etc.. any suggestions 08-27-2005
maraudermommie Very Attractive Car! 08-30-2005
tbug very sharp 09-07-2005
brucerines You've got a great car, I wish that there was more than black when I purchased mine, 07-05-2006
Joe Walsh Charlie, When are you gonna start to 'Mod' that thing??...heh heh heh 07-06-2006
Judith Garner thanks for your help knew you seemed like you know more than me..I hope I don't have to use warranty..Judith Garner 07-29-2006
tbiondich What are MV III trunk liners and SS Inserts? Just like to know as I have neither. Thanks..Tim 12-21-2006
southside Man that is a nice car I have never seen them in blue did they come that colar stock. 04-22-2007
Las Vegas Dave Nice looking car. Do you know anyone thet has a blue/with light leather interior for sale? 07-21-2007
photog Post Maraudervill V pics as soon as you can. Wish I could be there. 08-03-2007
DR. DOOM You really have to see it in person to TRULY appreciate it. Without a doubt the most beautiful rauder i have seen. I felt honored having my black beauty parked beside the blue beast. 09-23-2007
twin03 Hello, my name is Marcus and I would like to me with you and the fellow MM owners. Please give me a call at 202-558-8242 01-09-2008
trash Got up this morn 17 Deg. -6 WC started the MM went back inside for 10 min. went out to go to work, scraped the windshield, got in hit the wipers, swish, swish, now the won't shut off. Ran on a dry window all the way to work. Ever happen to anyone else. Do you know whats wrong? 01-30-2008
miss denmark I was almost coerced into Blue, but held my ground. I've only seen one and that was in San Jose, California. Nice in person, but except for Mr. Man's blue eyes, I'm not a blue person. Do sometimes wish I'd opted for black. But not very often! 02-02-2008
miss denmark OK, saw the new cheesecake pix... I'm coming around... slowly. 02-03-2008
Judith Garner What could be causing engine light to come on and shacking at 45 and 58 miles per hour my car just had transmission fluid thing done so hope not that under extended warranty so will be covered...Thanks Judith Garner 03-10-2008
justbob Found it Charlie! 05-07-2009
DEFYANT What is it with you?? LOL 05-07-2009
Bluerauder Just drumming up business for my Garage -- it was getting dusty in here. ;) 05-12-2009
hamcheese B E A Utiful 07-27-2009
babbage Stand at attention next time! :grin: 10-21-2009
knine 141 of 328 and I say HI !! 03-31-2010
stryker I want one of these to convert it in one of my INTERCEPTORS. 10-05-2010
Charlotte You should be proud! i would. Very Very Cool!!!!! 05-01-2011
abowers26 real nice car, very clean yeah you should be proud. 06-11-2011
ta3mo3 i wanna one like it , , , good luck 08-12-2011

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