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Smokie's 2003 Marauder 300A
The Beginning:
Take a bonestock MM. drive over to DR's he flashes PCM in the Summer of 2003, go to track in Nov. of 2003 ran 14.49 @ 97.51 mph, plus 2 more 14.5's at 97+ mph.

SVO Shorty headers, x-pipe with hi-flow cats, 18" Magnaflows, PHP intake box, U/D's and tuning. Good results: 290 RWHP / 305 RWTQ. Would like to get into high 13's and achieve a trap speed of 100 mph....will try anyway.
Note: Never ran 13's, never reached 100 mph trap speed.

I now have a Trilogy S/C in my car, base model 9.5 psi.
Dyno Results: 405 RWHP / 375 RWTQ
Track Results: 12.95 @ 108.17 mph.
Goals: Get 60' times under 2.00 with street tires.

No changes in performance mods, went to the track and achieved my goal 60' times under 2.00 with street tires (1.85) ran a personal best 12.79 @ 107 mph, weather was pretty warm mid 80's
Copy of Bradenton April 21- 2006 (Small).jpg Bradenton Nov. 2004 061 (Small).jpg
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Author Comment Date
MarauderMark Thats a really sweet looking Marauder!! i'm sure you will be in the 13's in no time at all buddy.. 01-01-2005
carfixer Javier, your goal will be reached I'm sure. I will be there to see you do it too! 01-02-2005
Bootlegger What Claude said.!!! 01-05-2005
Bootlegger Looking for updates!!!!!!!!!!! 05-19-2005
marauderboi what he ^^^^said 06-20-2005
Tallboy Another 12 second car!!! WOO-HOO!!! 10-30-2005
darkvader i love it! 07-29-2007
Tassfrasca can i be just like you when i grow up?!?!?! :) 01-07-2008

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