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cruzer's 2003 Marauder 300B P/D
2003 300B pre-decontented--all 300A feaures plus Traction Control
Born 11/12/02 Adopted 3/29/03
Hood Ornament
Marauder Fender Logos
Chrome "MERCURY" lettering on grill frame
DIY God's Head Grill Ornament
Steering Wheel God's Head Logo
Key God's Head Logo
Bob White Rear Bumper and Rear Window Logos (Ford Blue) Mercury 50th Anniversary Dash Plaque and Key Fob
Ford 100th Anniversary Plaque ( My Marauder was the display car for the tour show in Dallas area)
American Airlines antique logo covering deck lid logo
"Mercury 4.6l DOHC 32 valve 300B" lettering on Deck Lid
Walker Racing Team logo
DR " flash"
Best 1/4 ET 14.759/94.75
Best 1/4 speed 14.806/96.89
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Author Comment Date
woaface Beeeeutiful! Love the stickers on the C pilliar! 06-17-2004
woaface decals decals DECALS! ::smacks self over head:: 06-17-2004
MarauderMark Oh man!! I like the emblem and the lettering That looks great!!! 01-15-2005
Chick where did you get the night shades? 02-14-2005
maraudermommie Very attractive! 08-30-2005

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