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Addco Front Swaybar pn 2196
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Description: The following review details the installation of the Addco front swaybar, pn 2196, on a 2003 Mercury Marauder.

The installation process is fairly simple. These pointers should make it go a bit smoother and are meant to supplement the Addco installation instructions. The Marauder Helms repair manual is also recommended for general assistance.

Swaybar box contents:
Front swaybar
Two bushings
Two bushing brackets and plates
Installation instructions (Helms manual not included)

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Note: existing swaybar studs, nuts and endlinks are reused.

Tools needed:
15mm deep socket
15mm socket
15mm wrench
Torque wrench (46 ft-lb usage)
Blue (serviceable) Loctite
Pennzoil #2 marine grease or equal
2 sets of jackstands
2 jacks


Step 1: Jacking and support
Support the front of the vehicle with jackstands and remove both front wheels. Refer to your Users Manual for jacking procedures and safety concerns.

Step 2: Unloading the swaybar endlinks
Unload the front suspension by raising the lower control arm with a jack on both drivers and passengers side. Use wood blocks to avoid damage to jack and control arm. The lower control arms only need to be lifted enough to gain a little play in the endlink itself (about 2" each side). Caution: Do not raise the lower control arms enough that they take the vehicle's weight off the jackstands. If the front end starts to come up you've raised the suspension too much.

Step 3: Loosen endlink swaybar nut and bushing bracket nuts
Loosen the endlink swaybar nuts (qty 2) and swaybar bushing bracket nuts (qty 4) with the 15mm wrench just so there is some play in the swaybar. The nuts may need to be soaked with penetrating oil to loosen.

Step 4: Removing the endlink swabar nut
Remove the endlink swaybar nuts with the 15mm socket. Retain nuts for reuse. Pull endlink swaybar stud out of swaybar and rotate the endlink out of the way.

Step 5: Support the swabar and remove the bushing bracket nuts
Use a pair of jackstands to support the swaybar just inside of the bushings. Remove the swaybar bushing bracket nuts with the 15mm deep socket. Retain the nuts for reuse.

Step 6: Remove factory swaybar and orient Addco swaybar
Lower swaybar supports and place swaybar on the ground in the same orientation it came off the vehicle. Lay the Addco swaybar down next to it in the same orientation (the bends in the swaybar ends follow the same lines). Lubricate the inside of the Addco swaybar bushing with the marine grease and install the bushings and brackets similar to the factory swaybar.

Step 7: Install the Addco swaybar
Using the jackstands to support the Addco swaybar in position, reinstall the swaybar endlinks and bushing brackets and plates. Note that the plates go between the frame and the bushing. Use blue (servicable) Loctite on studs and tighten all nuts to 46 ft-lb.

Step 8: Completion
Reinstall wheels and remove jackstands. Push on front end to test for squeaks, binding, or interference. Road test cautiously then enjoy.
Keywords: Addco front swaybar installation

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